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We know digital marketing but you know your business more than us. So we study your brief and chat with you to help us understand your business and objectives.
Armed with the learning’s, we design a strategy that will deliver the objectives, focusing on the right platforms and relevant content.
We implement the strategy, and track progress.


Robo Calls

Thinking of running a survey? Delivering a political message? Providing reminders? Our Mass Voice Broadcast System is designed to meet a variety of needs. Talk to us today!

Bulk SMS

Our sophisticated SMS Text Message Platform is capable of delivering many thousands of SMS Text Messages. Need to remind clients of invoices that have not been paid? Need to run a political campaign? Talk to us today.

Caller Tunes

Let your phone callers hear a song of your business, Political Massage (Get a personalised caller tune) for more marketing, credibility, confidence and branding of the business.

Web Development

We write robust codes in different software applications and languages which hold the website rooted together in programming allowing pages to load faster and error-free thus enabling viewers to have an easy convenient browsing.

Email Marketing

These include; E-letter, E-zine, Gauntlet, Refresher, Stand-alone email and E-newsletter.

Social Networking Website

For mobile marketing, your brand's customer demographic is targeted through mobile platforms like Face book messenger, Live Chats and Google mobile marketing platform.

Brand Identity Development

A powerful brand combines design and messaging to evoke emotions and drive strategy. We employ a strategic process to identify the core position of your brand in the market.

Content Marketing

For mobile marketing, your brand's customer demographic is targeted through mobile platforms like Face book messenger, Live Chats and Google mobile marketing platform. Our mobile marketing campaigns cut across various mobile platforms

Mobile Applications

Today billions of people are using mobile phones for shopping on the internet. We develop mobile apps for businesses with high-end functionality features in a flawless eco-system thus creating a niche market for your products.


We develop your E-Commerce websites with strong solutions that impacts your customers, consumers with a proactive response triggering heavy inflow of traffic which gets converted into sales leads with higher ROI.

Search Engine Optimization

We design, blend, mix and intermix our SEO strategies constantly experimenting with a single-minded dedication to bring your website to the top pages of Google resulting in better Return on Investment (ROI).

Web Designing

Eira Digital Uganda is committed to give you the best of web designs that stand apart from a host of other websites that brings in high volumes of traffic online to your website.

Software Installation

We install Softwares and sale Softwares and other computer solutions.


WordPress is the best bet in developing websites where content management systems are seamlessly optimized to real time performance with faster loading, content purging and content delivery at its best


Our skilled experienced PHP Developers at Eira Digital Uganda develop websites with user-friendly innovative functions and integrations making websites all the more powerful with backend systems being robust, secured, cache-friendly and browser-consistent.


We are a team of Oracle-certified Java professionals having decades of experience in architecting websites in Java-run applications. We build mobile-based Java applications, develop Java Server System for Androd, iPhone and other mobile apps.

Brand Development

All products need to be developed into brands that give them a distinct identity in the minds of the customers. At Eira Digital, we help turn products, companies and people into distinguishable brands.

Domain name Search

For all customizes domain name search like .com, .org, .ac, .ac.ug, .info, .biz, .uk, .net and many more.

Blog Designing

We design different types of blogs, like Personal blogs which is an ongoing online diary or commentary written by an individual, rather than a corporation or organization

Eira Digital Uganda

Eira Digital Uganda specializes in transforming businesses using Technology.

Eira Digital Uganda is a Uganda-based Digital Media Firm founded by Muhwezi Ben Iginthious and Africano Alinaitwe with the sole purpose of providing clients with the best. Eira Digital has been providing Digital Marketing Website Design and Hosting , Application Development solutions in the past 3 years. During this period, the company has not only gained rich experience and exposure to various online marketing techniques, but has also developed advanced Digital Marketing techniques.
Eira Digital is different from other digital marketing firms and delivers a unique advantage to clients. Our marketing service is designed to help companies build a brand, market products and services, and manage online reputation through social networks. Social network marketing is the growing trend and a powerful medium, which can be effectively used as an online marketing tool.
At Eira Digital Uganda, we have structured our firm in a way that any project undertaken big, small or of vast nature is delivered within the timeframe of a turnaround time thus saving time and costs to our clients. We have created benchmarks and set trends in leveraging custom-designed innovative IT solutions aligning to clients businesses with perfect precision.
We, at Eira Digital Uganda understand that your Company is your most valuable asset. We know how you cherish it. We also know how you like to scale on top staying agile and alive in the vicious marketplace and competitive advantages.
Through our highest standards of pure, honest and transparent resilient services, we give our clients businesses a competitive edge putting them miles ahead of their competitors.
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